Cabinets are like the star furniture in your house. Having your home give off a constant new house vibe takes a lot of maintenance. Over time, even homes built from the most durable high quality material will need replacements and tender care.

We can update your cabinets irrespective of their positions (in the room, kitchen, toilet, or even study cabinets). We can also paint up new cabinets for you. All you need to do is say the word and name your style.


Our painting process comprises four steps to ensure a perfect finish.  We begin the process by caulking, and then we apply a high-build primer, we sand and apply a second primer coat, and lastly, we apply the paint.

  • Caulking Trim and Moldings

Our first step is to fix all possible issues, and if it is a new paint job, we inspect for potential problems. Some common issues are dents, broken hinges, damaged handles, or scratches. After this, we take a lot of care to caulk all trim and moldings utilizing only products of the very best quality on the new or old cabinets.

  • Applying a High-Build Primer

Primer application is one of the most critical steps in our process, which is necessary to ensure that painting is smooth. We use a high-build primer on the surface of the cabinet to smoothen it.

The primer smoothens the surface by filling dents, microabrasions, and sealing the base material. The primer gives the paint a seamless flow along all the boundaries of your cabinet.

  • Sand and Recoat

For quality assurance, we sand down the initial coat of a high-build primer with a sander. The sanding removes uneven zones, cracks, and air bubbles that can cause paint application to be rough. 

After sanding, we apply another high-build primer coat and then re-sand softly with fine sandpaper.

  • Paint Application

Like our exterior painting process, we follow the manufacturer’s manual to apply paints. The custom number of coats is usually two, but it can be more depending on the color and the need for density.

The initial coat does the work of covering and a final coat seals in the paint work. In totality, we give you a flawless well finished job.

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