Make Your Exterior Like New

At JD Painting and remodeling, we understand the burden your exterior paint bears: 

  • Giving your home a new look
  • Dealing with the high quantities of UV radiation that hits your home daily
  • Withstanding harsh weather changes like freezing winters and heavy rain
  • Standing all these harsh conditions without losing color, cracking, or peeling.

Due to this, we ensure that we provide you with superior exterior painting services to ensure that your house always looks great. We know that anyone can easily pick up a brush and paint, but we offer more than simple painting. We take care of your house while we are at it.

We Practice Careful
Exterior Painting Processes

For every job we start, we take extreme care from the very beginning. Our complete exterior paint job process includes:

  1. A full power wash where we remove loose dirt, mold, peeling paint, or other things that can prevent adhesion after painting.
  2. Scraping away the remaining loose paint or dirt that power washing did not get off.
  3. Wood repairs in case of damages and rot (this is contained in a separate billing, however).
  4. We perform caulking to make the paint job look better. Also, caulking can keep bugs out and weatherize your home—especially if it is an older home. We can caulk or wood doors and window trims, but whether we do more or less depends entirely on our clients and the house.
  5. Knowing that paint can get everywhere and quickly get messy, we always cover any area that will not get painted to protect them.
  6. We carefully observe all of the manufacturer’s recommendations when applying paint and take care to fill up crevices and spaces to ensure uniformity. We also use double coats or more depending on the paint type and color.
  7. Since we value every customer and their houses, we only use the best quality products for every work. Irrespective of your budget, we only pick the best within your price range.

What Makes Our Service stand out

We have a 4 step process during our home painting to give you the best quality work.

  1. After indicating interest, we will call to set an appointment, pick colors, and go through all our processes with you. We will also answer all your questions to our best abilities. We kindly advise you to groom areas around the places to be painted and move furniture.
  2. After we begin, we will review the selection, colors, and preferences with you to ensure the delivery of top-notch service. We will also go over scheduling and completion dates. 
  3. At the end of our work, we will request a meeting with you to go over the house and be sure that you like what we had done. Then we will collect the final payments.
  4. We will leave extra paint for touch up and maintenance and recommend proper storage (above the ground indoors).