Give Your Long Island Home An Upgrade

Painting and remodeling your house is about the idea of beautification and preservation. It requires excellent craftsmanship to turn one’s design into life. The newest trends, paint techniques, artsy innovations, and the client’s demands play a significant role in pulling off a great masterpiece.

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Painter In Albertson

So Many Choices, How do I Choose a House Painter in Albertson, NY?

Today it’s easier than ever to find services for anything you need, but that also leads to overwhelm in choosing which one to go with. It’s not difficult to find a house painter, but how do you know if you’ve found the right one? JD Painting & Remodeling has been around for 30 years serving Long Island Communities. Owner Jairo Orozco the owner/operator strives to exceed your expectations, guiding his team with the utmost attention to detail and best craftsmanship practices. He knows you have choices and is fully committed to your satisfaction through his knowledge and experience.

We spend a lot of time in our homes, hiring a professional house painter to give things a fresh coat of paint not only enhances our living space, but it also adds value to the home. An experienced and quality painting contractor will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with your choices for years to come.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Choosing a House Painter in Albertson, NY


Cost is naturally a concern when getting bids on home improvement projects. It is a misconception that the lowest price should be the only thing you base your decision on. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Your living space should not be the place you want to cut corners. Be sure to look at the whole picture when speaking to a painter about your job. A very low price that seems too good to be true often is. Are they guaranteeing their work? Be sure to find out if there are any extra material costs on top of the price quote. A quality business will tell you these things up front. The last thing you want is to base your choice on price then find out at the end you have an extra material bill. Or have them show up and you were not aware you had to move items out of the way or prep surfaces yourself. The painting contractor should let you know exactly what their quoted price includes.

Knowledge/Input of their Craft

Does the painter seem knowledgeable and have input to your ideas? One contractor may be happy to let you dictate exactly what paint to use, what color, and what finish and give you a straight quote based on that. Another may offer suggestions and input based on your lifestyle if you have kids or pets. If they are quoting an exterior paint job, they may offer some suggestions based on your landscaping. A good painter will let you know if they think there is a chance you will be unhappy with your initial requests and will want to work within your budget to make sure you are completely satisfied with their workmanship.


Your painter should be friendly and professional looking. Given the nature of their business, a painting professional is not likely to show up to a bid in a suit and tie, but they should in the very least be neat and clean. This person and/or their team will be working in and around your home, they should respect you and your property as if it were their own. A professional who is seeking your business should not be rude or passive when speaking to you, this could very well carry over into their work and should there be a need to address an issue during the job, you may not be met with welcome arms. Rest assured the person who is friendly and courteous upon meeting will most likely give you and your home the same care on the job and they will want to see you 100% happy with their services.


All states have different requirements for conducting business. You want to make sure the house painter in Nassau County is fully licensed and insured for the services they are providing. If a company is using sub-contractors, they should also be able to provide you their insurance information as well. This not only protects them but it protects you and your home as well should any accidents happen during the job. A contractor who has a great price but cannot present license and insurance information is not the way to go. It could cause legal problems if an accident occurs.


Does the painter offer a guarantee? If so, be sure to ask for it in writing. A reputable painter will want you completely satisfied and happy with the outcome of the job. They base their reputation on it and gain referrals that way.


How long has the contractor been in business? Do they have references? If you ask the question, “Have you provided painting services near me before?” they should be happy to provide references and let you know which houses in the neighborhood have been clients.

If you are looking for a house painter in Albertson, NY call JD Painting & Remodeling 516-297-1885 today! We guarantee your satisfaction 100% and look forward to discussing your painting needs.