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Painting and remodeling your house is about the idea of beautification and preservation. It requires excellent craftsmanship to turn one’s design into life. The newest trends, paint techniques, artsy innovations, and the client’s demands play a significant role in pulling off a great masterpiece.

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Painter In Jericho

Why Hire a Painting Contractor in Jericho, NY

If you have been thinking about doing any painting to your house in Jericho, you have probably scoured the web for paint colors and have a Pinterest Board of ideas lined up with the intent to make it a weekend project. But before you head to the depot you might want to take a look at why it may be better to hire a professional. The DIY project always becomes bigger and more expensive than planned. JD Painting has been painting Nassau County communities for over 30 years. Customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship are their specialties. Their experience and expertise are your peace of mind for a fantastic professional job, in a timely manner and on budget.

JD Painting & Remodeling offers exceptional interior, exterior, and cabinet painting services. If you are looking for a house painter in Jericho, NY, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

3 Reasons for Hiring a Professional Painter Has More Value Than Doing it Yourself

  1. Time

Most homeowners begin a project with the best intentions. And a project always seems less time-consuming at the start. However, once you start to drop cloth everything, move furniture, remove wall plates, tape, and touch up any imperfections on the surface to be painted, the task loses its luster. What started as a fun idea is now a daunting task that needs to be finished. And the rest of life does not stop, you are suddenly overwhelmed with a project that cannot be left half-finished and so you start to cut corners and get sloppy for the sake of time. Hiring a painter saves what little time you already have in your busy schedule. Time is valuable and the extra money you spend on a painting contractor, the more time you keep for yourself with the least amount of time having your home in disarray from a painting project.

  1. Results

A professional has the experience and knowledge to do a superior job from start to finish. Just like any other profession, a quality painting contractor has years of experience in their craft. They know what to do, how to do it, and are equipped to guide you in your project to keep things on time and within budget. A painter knows all the tricks and small details that would be overlooked by a homeowner doing it themselves. The professional house painter has the proper tools, equipment and materials to do a high-quality job that will last years longer. Your painter can help you pick out the best color combinations and finishes for your home and lifestyle knowing which materials suit what surfaces best.

  1. Efficiency

Your painter will know where to start first, they have everything they need before starting the job and are a dedicated team to the task of one thing… painting your house. They do not have to worry about getting kids fed, a pet walked, or any countless number of other things that pop up during the day. Getting your house painted is their only task. This makes things much more efficient with higher quality results. They prep the surfaces to be painted and clean up thoroughly when the job is done. A professional will remain as unobtrusive as possible during the job so you can go about your daily life with as little interruptions as possible.

When you add up saving time, getting professional quality results, and the efficiency of hiring a painter it ends up saving money in the long run. A quality and reputable painting contractor in Nassau County will also guarantee their work which could save you time and money down the road.

Your Painting Contractor Will be Fully Equipped to Handle the Job

Paint and brushes are not the only equipment needed to paint a house. You need safety gear, patching tools, and caulk. A professional will have the proper size brushes and rollers needed for various surfaces and area sizes. They will also have the proper size ladders to reach ceilings and trim around skylights. These are things that often become more time and money added to a project you try to do yourself. When you hire a painter you do not have to give a second thought to these, they already know what they need before they get to your house and come prepared to start the job.

When searching for “painting services near me” in Jericho, be sure to include JD Painting & Remodeling in your list of companies to call.

We look forward to speaking with you about your painting needs. Call 516-297-1885 for an estimate today! Let our professionals help you create the home of your dreams.