Give Your Long Island Home An Upgrade

Painting and remodeling your house is about the idea of beautification and preservation. It requires excellent craftsmanship to turn one’s design into life. The newest trends, paint techniques, artsy innovations, and the client’s demands play a significant role in pulling off a great masterpiece.

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Painter In Westbury

Finding Painting Services Near Me in Westbury, NY

With so many painting contractors out there to choose from, how do you decide which one to go with? 

JD Painting & Remodeling is a home improvement company with a reputation for excellence in customer service. With over 30 years of experience in Nassau County, Jaire Orozco leads his team in superior craftsmanship practices and customer satisfaction. Their dedicated and skilled team uphold the utmost professionalism and ensure quality results, guaranteed!

Being an environmentally responsible painting contractor JD Painting & Remodeling advances their expertise with ongoing training, green certification, and non-toxic paint selections. They are a house painter you can trust with your home in Westbury.

Some Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Painter

It can be a daunting task to sort through the listings of painting contractors in Westbury, NY. But remembering some key things can help you make the best decision for choosing your painter.

Experience- How long has the contractor been in business? Did they take over a family business? It’s a good idea to research the company a bit to see what they are about and what they specialize in.

References- Ask yourself, “Does this painting service near me have local references I can contact?” Call at least one reference before making your hiring decision. Check out their reviews to see what other people say.

Licensing- Does the painting service have proper licenses and insurance for Nassau County, NY? If so, can the painter produce the proper credentials upon request? A reputable painting contractor will have all their licenses and insurance up to date. Insurance protects not only the House painter and his employees but you and your home as well.

Employees vs. Subcontractors- An employee is someone who works directly for the company. They get paid wages and the company’s insurance covers them. If a painting service contracts workers for jobs and they are not on the company’s payroll they are a subcontractor. These workers should have their own insurance and your Painting contractor should be able to provide the proper insurance documents to you as well as their own.

Experience/Knowledge- A reputable painting contractor in Nassau County with a vast knowledge base and experience will be able to guide you and make recommendations for your project. They will let you know if something you are choosing will cost you money down the road or if there are better solutions available for you. They will have the experience to help you make the best choices for your budget and project.

Warranty- You want to find out if your painting contractor provides a warranty for their work and be sure it is in the contract.

Type of Paint Used- A great paint job is going to require great paint. If you have young children and pets you want to make sure the paints are quality and non-toxic.

What Should I Expect Once I Find a Painting Service Near Me?

Your painter should have provided you with a thorough estimate of what costs will be and if you will be responsible for any materials beyond what is listed in the contract. They will also have given you a timeline for the completion of the project.

Your painters should be clean, presentable, and show up on time and ready to work. A quality painting contractor will have to let you know in advance if you need to move any furniture or outdoor obstacles or if they will handle it themselves. Employees and subcontractors for the painting service you choose should represent the company in a professional manner. 

Your painting team will prep the surfaces to be painted and patch any minor imperfections on the surface. They should also be prepared with drop cloths for surfaces that cannot be moved from the painting area.

A good painter knows it can be stressful and intrusive to have painting going on in the house and will try to be as invisible as possible but will also be available if you have any questions or concerns. If the job will take more than one day they will clean up after themselves and never leave a mess of tools and supplies lying around. From start to finish your house painter should maintain a neat and clean work environment. 

An experienced professional painter will invite you to walk through the job at its completion to make sure you are completely satisfied and answer any further questions you may have before cleaning up and signing off on the job. Your painter will make sure you are 100% happy with the work done. You should expect your painting contractor to thoroughly clean up the site and return anything they moved to its proper place. 

When it comes to professional quality painting; whether the interior or exterior of your house in Nassau County, JD Painting will deliver outstanding quality and service that is 100% guaranteed. Call us today at 516-297-1885 for an estimate.